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Gulf Sands General Contracting L.L.C. (GSGC), has it’s origin since 1996 and caters to the various demands of the construction sector in the UAE. We are a professional engineering, contracting and trading firm based in Abu Dhabi- UAE and have a branch office and warehousing facility in Dubai. We are actively involved in Rental and Trading of various construction equipment and accessories, and services related to de-watering, floor coatings, floor screeds, concrete surface preparations and concrete core drilling and cutting.

With our technical expertise and a fleet of specialized equipment, we have a ability to provide superior cost effective solutions that meet customers budget and timelines.

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Well-point System

Well point system is one of the most versatile and pre-drainage methods which can pump a few gallons per minuet in fine sandy silts or many thousands of gallons per minute in coarse sands and gravels.

A well point system consists of a number of well points spaced along a trench or around an excavation site, all connected to common header pipe, which is attached to one or better point dewatering pumps.Well point system is more suitable in shallow aquifers where water level needs to be lowered no more than 15-20 feet. Due to the vacuum limitation of the pump, excavations that are deeper will require multiple stages of well point systems.


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