The various applications where our pumps can be employed are;
  • 1.) By-pass Sewage Pumping / Overpumping (raw sewage, treated effluent, etc.)
  • 2.) Stone Column jobs using high-pressure pumps
  • 3.) Hydro-testing of Pressure Vessels (upto 10bar)
  • 4.) Dredging and Marine Slurries pumping works
  • 5.) Flushing Pipelines (chemical cleaning) upto 10bar
  • 6.) Sea-water pumping for Ballasting of vessels, Transfer of sea-water, land reclamation works, jetty construction, etc.
  • 7.) Groundwater pumping
  • 8.) Bentonite pumping to re-use for drilling applications
  • 9.) Chilled-water line flushing
  • 10.) Slurry water, Sludge waters and bilge pumping

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Gulf Sands General Contracting L.L.C. (GSGC)
has it’s origin since 1996 and caters to the various demands
of the construction sector in the UAE


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