• Project Information
  • Client Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
  • Date Not Available
  • Category Sewage Over-pumping
  • Location Abu Dhabi

Project overview

In this project our pumps handled a maximum incoming flow of 52000 cubic meter per day for a period of 4 month

Gulf Sands General Contracting LLC, installed 2 nos. of duty pumps for the successful over pumping of raw sewage of 52,000 m3/day to a distance of 14 KM. It was achieved without any issue with our 2 x 12” Cornell Redi-prime Engine driven pump. For discharge 630mm HDPE Pipes was used for 500m then it was connected to the underground GRP line.

ADSSC was impressed with the overall setup of the whole pumping system and appreciated our team on the earliest completion of installation process. This project ran for almost 4 month.