• Project Information
  • Client Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company
  • Date Not Available
  • Category Sewage Over-pumping
  • Location Abu Dhabi

Project overview

This was the largest over-pumping job ever done in Abu Dhabi. A massive flow of 3000 l/s was required to be diverted and over-pumped to a distance of 1000m. for a period of 1 month.

Gulf Sands used 2 nos of their 18” Cornell pumps UAE and 6 nos of 12” Cornell Pumps UAE to successfully complete the project. What was of particular importance in this project, was the high suction lift of -6m required to be overcome by the pumps.

The pumps were installed near 2 suction manholes along the same sewer line, and the limited space was very challenging during installation. Gulf Sands installed 2 lines of 600mm dia metal pipeline, and one line of 630mm dia HDPE pipeline.

The main client ADSSC, was extremely satisfied with the overall setup of the whole pumping system, as well as the performance. This project ran for almost 30 days.