Dewatering Services

Acting as a sub contractor, Gulf Sands General Contracting LLC is one of the Top dewatering companies

Dredging / Slurry Pump

If your are looking for dredge pumps for sale; look no further Gulf Sands General Contracting LLC

Pipeline Flushing

The tanks, pipes, high-pressure flushing pumps, and valves which hold and move water for industrial 

Sewage Over pumping

The need to divert a flow of water or waste is a common yet challenging problem our clients face on a regular 

Stormwater & Flood Control

A storm water pumping is an intermediate collection tank for storm water with a submersible


With varying sizes, the containers range from 100 kilograms to over 600 tonnes. The weight provides stability 


What Clients Say About Us.

I had such a pleasure working with the Gulf Sands team. They were insightful and supported us throughout the entire project making sure we were satisfied.

Richard Simson

Managing Director

The team at Gulf Sands provided us with expert insights and was able to create a unique customized solution for all our needs.

Hamza Hafeez


A huge shout out to the Gulf Sands team for a job well done! The amount of attention to detail and support they’ve shown us is quite outstanding.

Franklin Thankachan

Managing Director