• Project Information
  • Client Al Ain Municipality
  • Date February 2020
  • Category Sewage Over-pumping
  • Location Al Ain

Project overview

Due to the heavy rains that happened in January 2020, there was a massive flooding in the wadi areas of Al Ain, especially in Markhanniyah and Al Ghadeer districts.

With the strong currents of the floods, the concrete covers of some manholes that were located in the wadis, got dislodged and displaced, resulting in the floodwaters along with all the desert sand, entering into the sewer line. This resulted in a long section of the sewer line eventually getting filled with sand, right up to the ground level of several manhole shafts, for a distance of almost 6kms. Due to this blockage, the sewage from one of the upstream manholes in the wadi, started overflowing into the wadi for several kilometers. 

This resulted in a foul sewage smell in some districts that were close to the wadi.

Gulf Sands was contracted by Al Ain Municipality for 2 jobs; Sewage Over-pumping for an intermediate distance of 5kms, and removing the sand in the manhole shafts and sewer line sections, for various locations of the affected sewer line, for a combined distance of approximately 3.5 kms.

For the sewage over-pumping job, Gulf Sands used 1 stand-by and 2 Duty pumps of 12” heavy-duty Redi-Prime Cornell Pumps UAE to handle a peak flow of 2200 m3/hr, and discharge through a 500mm dia HDPE pipeline.

For the removal of the sand in the shafts and sewer line sections, Gulf Sands used a combination of several Varisco pumps with layflat hoses, Pioneer high pressure 3” pumps with 100m lengths of 2” HDPE pipelines, submersible Dragflow Slurry Pumps with 6” wire-armored discharge hoses, 2 numbers of 400Kva Gensets, a Jetting truck-mounted pump with rotary nozzles, and several earthmoving equipment to execute the job. The client was extremely satisfied with the end result and gave us another contract for a similar smaller project, immediately after the completion of this project. 

Gulf Sands General Contracting LLC was awarded a prestigious certificate by Al Ain Municipality in recognition of our exemplary services to ensure the works were done safely and successfully within the shortest span of time. The contracts were completed with 60 days.