High-Pressure Pipeline Flushing Pumps

The tanks, pipes, High-pressure Pipeline Flushing Pumps, and valves which hold and move water for industrial and domestic purposes must be free from scale, corrosion, deposits, and bacteriological contamination.If a new system is not cleaned properly at the very beginning, controlling these problems become much more difficult, leading to costly water hygiene problems, blockages, leaks, breakdowns, repair, and cleaning costs.

At Gulf Sands General Contracting LLC we provide rental of pumps for flushing. We are actively involved in various pipeline flushing (Chemical Flushing) and have a huge fleet of high capacity centrifugal pumps designed for large flows with heads of upto 11 bar. With engine-driven surface pumps, we have a combined flow capacity of upto 40,000 m3/hr.

Rental Of Pumps For Flushing

This enables us to take on literally any project, of any size, and make sure it is ready on time, and on-budget. For working pressures above 5 bar, we have our own HDPE pipes and accessories that can be customized to suit any site conditions.